BLACK DEVIL BYRDS release their debut album DEAD AND IN PRISON this November 31st 2017. The album, recorded in Prague at Golden Hive studio in 2016, is raw: a deliberate move away from the modern-day, now-standard, "corporate" recording process; it was recorded on tape with NO clicks and in an as-live-as-it-could-be way! Late night sessions and a low fi feel were the order of the project.

The tracks were recorded while the band were touring and playing festival dates in the Czech Republic the group headed up by Long John on Vocals, Guitar and Harmonicas, included long time side kicks: Jules Fly Haffegee on Bass, Rob Poyton Keys, John O’Neil Saxophone, Mark Gilligan Clarinet and Mark Wheeler Drums with additional percussion from Lee Morley.

The Album was produced and mixed by Czech producer Amak Golden.

The track listing was a last minute thing says Long John! We were one day riding on a bus through the Czech Republic heading across country on a 10 date tour including 5 festival shows when we found a slot at Golden Hive studios which fitted with a 3 days rest period our manager had arranged. We had had enough site seeing, and we had heard such good things about Golden Hive studio and Amak Golden.

Day one started with a bottle of Jameson’s whiskey in the studio green room with Jaz Coleman from Killing Joke who was just finishing up some material at Golden Hive; the band were getting the mics in the right places and getting the drums sounding right. My first thoughts were to come back in the morning and crack on but Amak wanted to get something from me that night and we decided to record live straight (Lay me Down) we did 3 takes and that was that! I pretty much though we would go at it again but the next day Amak just said we got it! Our first recording that day kicked off with 700 days and the Dead and in Prison. Followed by Chicken Fat and Surf Riders. Dead man walking… it was 4am by the time we left the studio.

We then hit the road again and the tracks remained in Czech Republic for over a year while Long John and Jules fly worked on another recoding project in London.

We had almost forgotten the tapes but I just popped an email to Amak asking to send them over so we could check them out says Jules Fly. When they came over I couldn’t believe how well they had come out; the overall gritty low-fi quality was exactly how we had planned! We flew back to finalize a few things and the tracks were mastered at the studio... that was it.

The Band recorded the Album under the project name Dead and prison and decided to keep it. We just thought it’s a Wild Card anyway so why change a thing says LJ…

The album will be released 0ctober 31st 2017 on Vinyl, CD and iTunes with a Halloween Special Launch night planned and possible a live album for 2018.